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Special Mate Model 8128 Tackle Box


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Special Mate Model 8128 Tackle Box for Crankbaits and Jerkbaits

Special Mate Tackle Boxes are truly an innovative option for hanging lure storage. All lures can be accessed quickly, and are presented in full view, by merely flipping the dividers just like turning pages in a book. No more peering down into dark cubicles trying to determine which compartment holds the lure you are seeking. Once you try one, you will never go back to a regular tackle box.

Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and spoons can be easily stored, eliminating the tangled mess that often occurs in many tackle boxes. Each box has two strong steel latches, and a folding handle for easy carrying. The underside of the lid is lined with foam padding to secure the lures in place when the box is closed, and small drain holes in the bottom of the boxes allow water to drain away from the lures. The boxes are two-tone, with a white lid and a Gray bottom.

Special Mate Tackle Boxes are available in three heights: 13-inch, 8-inch, and 5-inch.

This 8-inch box comes with crankbait dividers, while other Special Mate boxes may be purchased with either crankbait or spinnerbait/spoon dividers installed.

This box is made for standard sized crankbaits, jerkbaits, and similar lures. It has 15 ribbed dividers…to keep the lures from getting tangled with 8 compartments to each divider, and holds a total of 120 lures up to 7″ in length. It measures 22″ long, 11″ wide, and 8″ high.


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