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Downriggers & Accessories

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  • Bert's Custom Mounting Tracks

    The heart of Bert's mounting system is an anodized aluminum track. The track gives you the ability to change the style or method of fishing just by turning the thumb screws to remove, replace or relocate your downriggers and rod holders. Tracks may be mounted to any flat surface. Deck mounted track is the most efficient and least expensive method of installing the Custom Tackle System.

    MT-12 – Size: 3 1/2″ wide x 12″ long
    MT-17 – Size: 3 1/2″ wide x 17″ long
    MT-24 – Size: 3 1/2″ wide x 24″ long

    MT-36 – Size: 3 1/2″ wide x 36″ long
    MT-48 – Size: 3 1/2″ wide x 48″ long
    MT-6 – Size: 3 1/2″ wide x 72″ long


  • Bert’s Custom Tackle – Downrigger Board – DRB-8

    With this removable board assembly, downriggers and rod holders can be installed and relocated easily. When finished for the day, simply loosen the thumb screws and remove the entire board assembly.

  • Bert’s Custom Tackle – Plastic Track Inserts

    As a companion to the mounting tracks, Bert’s offers a plastic insert that when placed in the track, becomes a step pad and provides a safe method of getting in and out of the boat.

    Colors:  Black or White
    Sizes:  6″, 12″, 17″, 24″

  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Downrigger Swivel Base – SB-45 & SB-6

    The Traxtech downrigger swivel base offers a 3/4″ thick aluminum top plate that is pre-drilled and tapped for the mounting of you downrigger.  The 3/8″ diameter stainless steell plunger insures positive locking strength in the 12 available positions to swivel every 30 degrees.  With the smoothest swivel action, three different heights, and strongest construction available, the Traxtech downrigger mount offers all aluminum construction and stainless steel components.

    • Smoothest swivel available
    • Three different heights
    • Alumnium const ruction with stainless steel components

    (Fits most brands:  Vector, Cannon, Fishlander, Big Jon, Scotty, Penn and Walker.)

    Description Part # Price
    3″ Tall Swivel Base SB-3 $114.99
    4.5″ Tall Swivel Base SB45 $129.99
    6″ Tall Swivel Base SB-6 $134.99


  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Single Beverage Holder – BH-100

    Single Beverage Holder to fit in Traxstech track