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Canadian 1-Day Fishing License


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Canadian 1-Day Fishing License for one person

An Outdoors Card IS NOT required for a 1-Day License.

See Regulations for Details:

  • If you are picking up your License, please be sure to choose the “Pickup” option on the Shipping Page so that you are not charged for shipping.
  • All form fields below must be complete for license orders to be processed.
  • If you need an Outdoor Sports Card you must select the option below.


  • Canadian Licenses - Notice

    (Must Read Before Purchasing)

    » On-line Canadian license orders must be received no later than 7:00pm on Mondays for Tuesday morning pickups.
    » In-store Canadian license orders must be received no later than 12:00pm on
    Mondays for Tuesday morning pickups.
    » Licenses can be picked up at the store or mailed directly to you. They will be available
    in the store after 3:00pm Wednesday.
    » Canadian license sales will stop around the 2nd or 3rd week of October.  Call our store
    before ordering a license during this period.
    » All licenses must be paid for by credit card.


    NEW License Rules:
    - If this is your first time purchasing a Canadian License (other than a 1-Day License),
    you must also purchase an Outdoors/Sports card for an addition $12.00 charge.
    This option will be listed below the license information.
    - Outdoor/Sports cards do not apply to 1-Day Fishing Licenses
    - If your Fishing License has been lost or stolen, a new license can be reissued at the
    cost of $15.00.  If you also need to replace the Outdoor/Sports Card, there there will
    be an additional cost of $10.00.  Call Lakeside Fishing Shop at  586-777-7003.
    - The Outdoors Card will expire every 3 years and will cost an additional $12.00 to

    The Outdoors card is not physically required to purchase a Fishing License, what is needed is the number on the existing Outdoors card that follows the 708158.  For example:   708158-######### (9-digit number) plus expiration date.

    If there has been a change of address, all new information is needed along with the previous zip code used for purchase of original card.

    Price Increase Notice:
    - As of June 1, 2010, an 8% H.S.T. Tax was added to the cost of the License.
    - Fishermen need to contact he M.N.R. to alert them that raising the cost of Fishing
    - Licenses will decrease the number of Fishermen wanting to purchase a Fishing
    - License, thereby decreasing revenue for Canada plus the loss of Bait & Tackle
    sales, food, gas etc.

    We need fishermen in the U..S and Canada to increase not decrease!

    Call, email or fax Donna Cansfield (M.N.R.) with your thoughts!

    Tel:     416-234-2800
    Fax:    416-234-2276

  • *Full Name
    *Zip Code
    *Eye Color
    *Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
    *Beginning Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    *Select Gender
  • *Outdoor Sports Card

    If you need to purchase an Outdoor Sports Card you must select the option below.

    If you have already purchased an Outdoor Sports Card, please choose "No" and enter your information below.


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    Outdoors Card Number

    Outdoors Card Expiration Date

    Outdoors Card Original Zip Code Used

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