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Traxtech Re-Designed Rail Clamp – RM-700


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Traxtech Re-Designed Rail Clamp – RM-700

Same great profile & strength but now allows the use of one piece of clamp per set of holes in our standard mounting tracks. This allows for more clamping power over a greater span especially when using the longer tracks.

  • Quicker & easier to install
  • Simply place the clamp on the rail, set your track on top portion of the clamp and drop the screws through the holes in the track, through the top portion of clamp clearance holes and into the threaded holes in the bottom portion of the clamp.
  • Can be used in a horizontal or vertical application
  • Stainless steel hardware included

We recommend one clamp for every set of mounting holes in each track to help spread the carrying load across your rail.


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