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Traxtech Track Inserts – RPI & RPIB


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Traxtech Track Inserts – RPI & RPIB

Inserts are made out of marine grade starboard; the finest material available that will not warp, crack, peel, or change its color.  The insert provides a clean surface when inserted into the mounting track that allows a combination of uses; acts as a step pad upon entering and exiting the boat, also protects the inside of the track when fishing equipment is not in use, and transforms the boat back into a pleasure craft.

The inserts improved design utilizes a coated brass insert pressed into the starboard, ensuring a secure holding power, when snuggling the screws to hold in place.

Description Part # Price
6″ Track Insert RBI-6 (White) / RBIB-6 (Black) $14.99
12″ Track Insert RBI-12 (White) / RBIB-12 (Black) $19.99
18″ Track Insert RBI-18 (White) / RBIB-18 (Black) $23.99
24″ Track Insert RBI-24 (White) / RBIB-24 (Black) $30.99
36″ Track Insert RBI-36 (White) / RBIB-36 (Black) $40.99
48″ Track Insert RBI-48 (White) / RBIB-48 (Black) $46.99
60″ Track Insert RBI-60 (White) / RBIB-60 (Black) $60.99
72″ Track Insert RBI-72 (White) / RBIB-72 (Black) $71.99


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