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  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Multiple Rod Holder Adaptor Base – BJBA-3

    Traxstech wants to grow with you so if you have rod holders already we can adapt. If you own Big Jon pedestal mount holders they can now be fastened to our new 3” tall adaptor base that gives you the flexibility to slide them into our tracks for greater positioning, as always our base provides you the 45 degrees of side to side rotation so you can turn the entire set-up and point the rods out and back for better use when running planer boards.

    • Fits all brand multiple rod holders with a 4” x 4” base and a mounting hole pattern of 3-1/4” square.

    Standard Clear Textured Finish

  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Planer Reel – PR-2000

    Traxtech Lexan reel with an aluminum clamp will fit secure on a round rail. The pulley will allow the line to roll not rub as it goes out, 150′ of 200# high-strength mono-line with 375# snap swivel to attach your planer board.

  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Planer Reel Replacement Line – PRRL-150

    150′ of 200# Test line with Snap Swivel

  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Pulley Retreiver Kit – RS-900-2

    When using a planer board mast system, this pulley slides on to the line allowing for retrieval.  This is an ideal safe way to add more clips to the planer board line. Pulleys can also be used on downrigger’s for retrieving the cannon ball from water surface to boat. Molded from lexan, with all stainless steel hardware, these pulleys will offer you a lifetime of service.

    • One pulley
    • One cleat
    • Approximately 15′ coil of rope
  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Re-Designed Rail Clamp – RM-700

    Same great profile & strength but now allows the use of one piece of clamp per set of holes in our standard mounting tracks. This allows for more clamping power over a greater span especially when using the longer tracks.

    • Quicker & easier to install
    • Simply place the clamp on the rail, set your track on top portion of the clamp and drop the screws through the holes in the track, through the top portion of clamp clearance holes and into the threaded holes in the bottom portion of the clamp.
    • Can be used in a horizontal or vertical application
    • Stainless steel hardware included

    We recommend one clamp for every set of mounting holes in each track to help spread the carrying load across your rail.

  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Single Beverage Holder – BH-100

    Single Beverage Holder to fit in Traxstech track


  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Thumb Screws – T-520-4

    Star design allows better finger grip for tightening or loosening. This design also has an opening in the top of the Star for dropping an allen wrench into and tightening directly on the stainless steel screw. Made from super tough nylon.

    • T-520-4   1/4 – 20 x 7/8″ long stainless steel screw
    • Package quantity of 4


  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Track Inserts – RPI & RPIB

    Inserts are made out of marine grade starboard; the finest material available that will not warp, crack, peel, or change its color.  The insert provides a clean surface when inserted into the mounting track that allows a combination of uses; acts as a step pad upon entering and exiting the boat, also protects the inside of the track when fishing equipment is not in use, and transforms the boat back into a pleasure craft.

    The inserts improved design utilizes a coated brass insert pressed into the starboard, ensuring a secure holding power, when snuggling the screws to hold in place.

    Description Part # Price
    6″ Track Insert RBI-6 (White) / RBIB-6 (Black) $14.99
    12″ Track Insert RBI-12 (White) / RBIB-12 (Black) $19.99
    18″ Track Insert RBI-18 (White) / RBIB-18 (Black) $23.99
    24″ Track Insert RBI-24 (White) / RBIB-24 (Black) $30.99
    36″ Track Insert RBI-36 (White) / RBIB-36 (Black) $40.99
    48″ Track Insert RBI-48 (White) / RBIB-48 (Black) $46.99
    60″ Track Insert RBI-60 (White) / RBIB-60 (Black) $60.99
    72″ Track Insert RBI-72 (White) / RBIB-72 (Black) $71.99


  • Brand: Traxtech

    Traxtech Vertical Bird Tree – VTB-3

    • Strap on cap gives added security to rod while traveling
    • Post design allows vertical positioning of each individual rod holder
    • Post has lift & rotate design every 90 degrees.  This allows you to fish off the side of your boat and rotate rod holders into boat for additional rod storage while traveling from spot to spot.
    • Texturized, durable finish anodized aluminum with stainless steel components
    • Rod holder has 6 adjustable positions in a 90 degree area
    • Base slides into all Traxstech tracks